Garage Door Chartwell Green Insulated Roller Garage Doors Selecting a new garage door to enhance and complement your home has never been easier. Our range of roller garage doors are designed to provide long-lasting durability, security and insulation. Homeowner Range Open Your Garage Door
With A Remote Control
Our range of roller garage doors have modern operator technology, this means they can be opened or closed with a push of a button. This provides convenience and comfort when operating your garage door.
Roller Garage Door Cream Range of Colours to
Complement Your Home
We have selected a wide range of colours and finishes to match or complement your homes windows and doors. Our powder coated and laminated finishes require minimal maintenance are easy to clean and are UV Stable. View Colour Range
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A colour range to complement all homes

Coloured garage doors can help present your home in its best possible light, adding to that all-important kerbside appeal. We offer a beautiful range of colours and natural woodgrain finishes so there’s a perfect colour to suit every individual home.

We have selected a wide range of stock colours and finishes that are designed to match your homes windows and doors. Our wide range of colours and finishes are designed to complement your home whilst providing a protective layer. All colours and finishes require minimal maintenance and ensure your roller garage door looks good for years to come.

Our powder-coated and laminated finishes require minimal maintenance, are easy to clean and are UV Stable. Our painted and laminated roller garage doors are durable and scratch-resistant, they offer high performance and longevity in all types of weather conditions including bright sunlight and high rainfall.

To compliment our extensive range of powder coated and laminate colours, you can choose ANY colour from the RAL and BS colour ranges. Also from the Farrow and Ball colour range.

Solid Colours Powder Coated – Stock Items

White RAL 9016

White – RAL 9016

Black - RAL 9011

Black – RAL 9011

Burgundy - RAL 3004

Burgundy – RAL 3004

Chartwell Green

Chartwell Green – BS14C35

Blue - RAL 5011

Dark Blue – RAL 5011

Home Cream - RAL 1015

Home Cream – RAL 1015

Dark Brown - RAL 8019

Dark Brown – RAL 8019

Anthracite - RAL 7016

Anthracite Grey – RAL 7016

Fir Green - RAL 6009

Fir Green – RAL 6009

Wood Grain Painted Golden Oak

Golden Oak

Wood Grain Painted Rosewood


Solid Colours Powder Coated – Special Items

Traffic Red - RAL 3020

Traffic Red – RAL 3020*

Moss Green - RAL 6005

Moss Green – RAL 6005

Duck Egg Blue

Duck Egg Blue – P550C*

Cream - RAL 9001

Cream – RAL 9001

Beige - RAL 1019

Beige – RAL 1019

Dark Brown - RAL 8014

Brown – RAL 8014

Sliver - RAL 9006

Sliver – RAL 9006

Light Grey - RAL 7038

Light Grey – RAL 7038



Wood Grain Painted Irish Oak

Irish Oak

Wood Grain Painted Walnut


* Please Note: Duck Egg Blue – P550C and Traffic Red – RAL 3020 are only available for the IRD 77 product range

RENOLIT Laminated Colour Range

White RAL 9010

White – RAL 9010

Cream White

Ice Cream RAL 9001 - Laminated

Ice Cream – RAL 9001

Crystal White – RAL 9003

Agate Grey RAL 7038 - Laminated

Agate Grey – RAL 7038

Signal Grey – RAL 7004

Hazey Grey RAL 7001 - Laminated

Hazy Grey – RAL 7001

Basalt Grey Smooth RAL 7012 - Laminated

Basalt Grey Smooth – RAL 7012

Basalt Grey – RAL 7012

Anthracite Grey – RAL 7016

Anthracite Grey Smooth RAL 7016 - Laminated

Anthracite Grey Smooth

Slate Grey – RAL 7015

Quartz Grey – RAL 7019

Slate Grey Finesse RAL 7015 - Laminated

Slate Grey Finesse – RAL 7015

Chartwell Green BS14C35 - Laminated

Chartwell Green – BS14C35

Moss Green RAL 6005 - Laminated

Moss Green – RAL 6005

Dark Green – RAL 6009

Brilliant Blue – RAL 5007

Steel Blue RAL 5011 - Laminated

Steel Blue – RAL 5011

Dark Red RAL 3011 - Laminated

Dark Red – RAL 3011

Wine Red – RAL 3005

Anteak - Laminated


Irish Oak - Laminated

Irish Oak

Light Oak - Laminated

Light Oak

Golden Oak - Laminated

Golden Oak

Sherwood - Laminated


Walnut - Laminated


Dark Oak - Laminated

Dark Oak


Black Cherry

RENOLIT EXOFOL high-performance films for exterior applications have an outstanding reputation as the market leader for many years. Their multi-layered laminate protects and decorates making them ideal for our range of automated roller garage doors.

Enhanced with solar shield technology (SST) that slows down the ageing process of the film and building components, RENOLIT EXOFOL products help to provide protection from excessive temperature increases.

RENOLIT EXOFOL films have an aesthetic appeal yet are very easy to clean and maintain adding curb appeal to any property. Offered in a wide range of colours, woodgrain designs and surface textures you will find an ideal choice to suit all manner of house styles and provide perfect matches to complement existing external doors and windows.

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